New Department, Why not?

Do you know how a film is produced by a film director? Faculty of Humanities and Humanic team held an annual workshop on film production in Home Theater administer (27/04). This gear’s theme is to welcome the department of Islamic film in the Faculty of Hunanities. This event is conducted for five days which the first day was opening. The opening was started by the speech of the chief of committee, Mrs. Mundi Rahayu at 09.00 o’clock.
The next agenda is a seminar by two intelligent speakers; Yusuf Muntaha who is MOOI Indie Communication and Mundi Rahayu (Film researcher and English lecture) led by a moderator, Putriyana Asmarani. The first speaker Mr. Yusuf explained about the visual narration. After that, the last speaker Mrs. Mundi delivered the material about visual narration also in Islamic movie, as well as in visual media and visual culture.
This workshop was continued up to Sunday started from morning to afternoon with some subjects such as playing director and the job, scriptwriter, cinematographer, art director, wardrobe, editor, actor, music, and sound. There were some speakers sharing their knowledge in this workshop; such as Yusuf Muntaha, Mundi Rahayu, Erwin Tri W, Soni Setiawan, Susilo Priyo, and Linda Ulviana. This event was attended by the dean of Faculty of Humanities and officials, the vice vector of student affairs (Mr. Agus Maimun), lectures, participants, students of the Faculty of Humanities and other seventy-five participants from different department.
“This workshop is very good and useful because it provides more practices for making a movie” said Abidah Sarah as the student of Arabic Language and Letters Department. “That is a great way to connect students’ interest and talent for becoming cameraman, scriptwriter, movie editor” she added.//Hen//

English Department Held Interactive Dialog for Sophomore

Tuesday (20/4), English Department of State Islamic University Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang held an interactive dialog at Auditorium Faculty. This event is a part of several interactive dialogues which was held by English Department in order to facilitate the students. In this dialog, Miftahul Huda, M.Pd, as one of a lecturer in English Department also came and gave a speech. “This dialog occurs once annually. The purpose of this dialog is to evaluate and receive all of aspiration from the students related to academic context” said Mr. Miftah in his speech.
There were 20 students who attended this dialog. The students were represented from each of small class in the fourth semester. “Although not all of students of English Department came to this interactive dialog, I am as student of English Department feel happy because I get many information that I have not learnt before” said Ardhita, one of the student who attended this dialog.
Dina Ramayanti, S.S as the staff of the English Department also came to the dialog. With Mrs. Dina, the students shared their problem. Mostly academic problems that occur are about the academic context such as the problem with the subject and also the problem with the class facilities. The problems which were delivered to Mrs. Dina will be sent to the Department, then it will be evaluated to develop the quality of English Department. (Ylnd)

UIN Maliki Planted 600 Trees in the area of 3rd Campus

The series of 3rd UIN MALIKI campus construction socialization event had begun. Today (17/04) as many as two hundred thirty three participants who consist of rector and officials, college students, members of FUB (Forum UKM Bersama), manager of Tlekung, Junrejo, and Sumbersekar Dau village. The military also attended the first planting of 600 trees agenda as the opening of 3rd UIN MALIKI campus construction socialization event in the Tlekung village, Batu, East Java.
Each participant gets a tree that is ready to plant; it placed at hole points which is prepared. This agenda was started at 7:00am until 10:00am and cooperated by UKM Mapala. Furthermore, Mapala also help to keep all of plants there, like Helmi Syaifuddin as the chief committee said that plants keeping were worked by coordination of Mapala. This agenda also continued speech of the rector UIN MALIKI, Prof. Mudjia Raharjo about socialization of 3rd UIN MALIKI campus construction and continued by giving advice to participants.
The purpose of this agenda not only celebrating Earth Day but also to protect the environmental ecosystem, especially in areas around of the 3rd UIN MALIKI campus. “Planting a tree today as a manifestation of our commitment to guard the ecosystem of this region,” said Mr. Mudjia in his speech. In addition, this planting of tree was also intended to turn the water resources in the region. “Automatically the tree which is chosen is able to produce water,” said Helmi Syaifuddin again.

Kartini’s Day

Women are likely the reflection of the country. The country will be a glorious country if the women who live in that country are good women. Surely, women have special things to develop in the country like Raden Ajeng Kartini who proves her loyalty for all of Indonesian women. As young generation, we should give reward to her by celebrating the Kartini’s day. Kartini’s day is a day when people celebrate emancipation day for women. Because Kartini is one of the women who has a big commendation for women’s emancipation. I am sure that everyone knows R. A. Kartini, she is a smart and kind woman. She has great role for level of women to honor them.
R. A. Kartini was born on April 21st 1879 in Jepara. She has married a man from noble family and had a baby. Her hobby is reading because she thought that reading makes her to be critical thinker and raises the mission to modernize Indonesian women. At that time, women were discriminated and did not have freedom. For example they could not show their talent and their creation. They could not avoid the stupidity. That condition makes Kartini think deeper for changing it to be better. Her fighting was so amazing; her creation and her fighting could make Indonesia women safe from the discrimination and have same level between men and women.
There are some moral values in celebrating Kartini’s day that we can take. For instance to remember hard struggle and spirit of Kartini. For modern women, celebrating Kartini’s day is a special pride. According this condition, it is not only common ceremony, but also has the big value.
Celebrating Kartini’s day is not only by holding a ceremony. Many people celebrate it by giving the flower to all of women; as an appreciation to them. Moreover, there are many university students who celebrate it by demonstration and oration to deliver their appreciation to the women.
But now, do Indonesian women still get the discrimination? As the Indonesia people, do you still want to continue Kartini’s dream? . “ Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang”, we can, we are able to do more. What we do right now, it will change the world in future. Don’t make Kartini sad, let’s to be an intelligent one to make another one become intelligent.